Diagnostic Services


We provide molecular diagnostic services (PCR, RT-PCR, Sequencing, FACS) for the: 

  • genetic diagnosis of Familial Mediterranean fever (MEFV mutations)
  • genetic diagnosis for TNF receptor associated periodic syndrome (TNFRSF1A mutations)
  • genetic diagnosis of X-linked agammaglobulinemia (BTK mutations)
  • genetic diagnosis of Popycythemia vera, Primary Myelofibrosis and Essential Thrombocythemia (JAK2 mutations)
  • genetic diagnosis of Thrombofilia V-Leiden
  • molecular diagnosis of Tuberculosis (detection of M. tuberculosis DNA)
  • immunophenotypic analysis (Flow Cytometry, FACS)

We have more than ten years experience in the molecular analysis and genetic evaluation of clinical samples, which are sent to our lab from several national hospitals and private medical centers.

For details call +3025513 53638 or send e-mail to info@inflathrace.gr