1. 1995-1997: The role of Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase (Btk) in the development of leukemic cell. General Secretariat of Research and Technology, PENED’95 1550. 34000 Euros - COMPLETED. (co-Supervisor: K. Ritis)
2. 1996-1998: Application of telomeric repeats as an early index of leukemic relapse and estimation of minimal residual disease. Democritus University of Thrace, KE 404. 15000 Euros – COMPLETED. (Main Investigator: K. Ritis)
3. 1999-2001: X- Linked Agammaglobulinemia: Genetic diagnosis and development of cell model for in vitro retroviral gene transfer. General Secretariat of Research and Technology, Career program 54. 115000 Euros – COMPLETED. (Supevisor: K. Ritis)
4. 2000-2004: Study of Interferon Regulated Trancription factors in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. General Secretariat of Research and Technology, PENED99, 631 and PENED 2001. 105000 Euros for DUTH – COMPLETED. (co-Supervisor: K. Ritis, collaboration with ITE, Crete)
5. 2001-2003: Molecular isolation of M. Tubercolosis complex in extrapulmonary turbeculosis. General Secretariat of Research and Technology, PAVET2000, in collaboration with “ANADRASI”. 160000 Euros – COMPLETED. (Scientific Supervisor: K. Ritis)
6. 2001-2003: Study of transcriptional factor IRF1 in extrapulmonary tuberculosis. 12000 Euros – COMPLETED. (co-Supervisor: K. Ritis)
7. 2001-2004: Research Collaboration project with Pathophysiology Department of Athens University. “The role of IRF1 in myelodysplastic syndromes”. PENED 2001, General Secretariat of Research and Technology, 52000 Euros for DUTH – COMPLETED. (co-Supervisor: K. Ritis)
8. 2003-2006: Networks of research and education: Molecular Medicine and Immunology- from basic research to clinical application. General Secretariat of Research and Technology, program 8.3-action 8.3.6. 144000 Euros – COMPLETED. (Supervisor: K. Ritis)
9. 2005-2007: PMOS GREC 2004-7 TARKA. Safety and tolerance, efficacy of combination treatment with Verapamile/Transdolapril in the achievement of optimal arterial blood pressure in clinical practise. ABBOT LABORATORIES HELLAS 10710 Εuros – COMPLETED. (Supervisor: K. Ritis)
10. 2007: International study in the prevention of abdominal obesity and its correlation to cardiometabolic risk. (INSPIRE ME-PM-C-0002) SANOFI AVENTIS ΑΕΒΕ. 4760 Euros – COMPLETE. (Supervisor: K. Ritis)
11. 2011-2014: Investigation of new inflammatory mechanisms in autoinflammatory and autoimmune diseases such as Familiar Mediterranean Fever and other periodic syndroms, Gout, Crohn’s Disease, Reumatoid Arthritis and its subtypes such as Still. Collaboration research project with ITE, Crete, (ESPA 2007-2011, SYNERGASIA). 250000 Εuros for DUTH – ONGOING. (co-Supervisor: K. Ritis)